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AM Experimental Space Project No.2: SPECULATIVE EVERYTHING

Dates:11/9/2018 – 11/19/2018
Venue:AM Experimental Space

AM Experimental Space Program aims to create an interactive platform for young artists (including artteachers and student artists) and art lovers.  Rooted in experimentation and exhibition, the program fosters interaction and communication between the artwork and audience. On such an experimental platform, the museum, the artists and the audience could share and criticize, think and inspire, and as a result, grow together.


No. 2


If traditional design focuses on how the real world works, then speculative design focuses onhow the future of design may turn the world into.

In speculative design, the author asks "what if this happens", which opens up the space for debate. In a future based upon technology realization, what would people want and what would they refuse? 

If we can infer future in the way on top of designand fiction, we might catalyze the realization of dreams and create a better world together.